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Looking for a dead-simple way to share some images but are ashamed of what Imgur has become? Don't want your simple and amazing image host to turn into a bullshit social network? Then pay for your crap!

IMGZ is paid-only. It's no-hassle, one-click, super easy image uploads, and it's cheap. So cheap, the only way to pay will be yearly, because it's too cheap to pay monthly.

Keep "social" away. Pay for what you use.

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These are the features.

This is my project

You are a guest here. You can use IMGZ, and it'll always be great, because I'm great. I've even open-sourced it.

That's right

I've open-sourced it, it's all open. If you need anything, let me know, or just write it yourself.

Desktop client

There isn't one. There's a command-line client or just use the webpage. It's simple, what do you want.


It's super cheap. Like, $12/yr. And that includes bandwidth. There's even a free trial because I'm nice.

Super fast

We have CDNs and Rust and all that fast crap. It's amazing. Yeah, there's an API too. There's even a cli utility.
pip install imgz-cli


They're running out. For other image hosts. You can't just serve images for free, it's not sustainable. Don't be the product.

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If you want a simple image host that shares images and gets the hell out of the way, IMGZ is for you. The only catch is that you have to pay. Don't be a cheapskate! Ensure your future now!

  • Efficient, reliable and cheap.
  • Pay for your shit.
  • Here's a nice illustration of a Polaroid.


As antihero said on HN:
If you don't mind using AWS you can just set up an S3 bucket and a point a CloudFront distro to it (takes <5mins) and then just do

    upload() {
      aws s3 cp ${@:2} $1 s3://$BUCKET_NAME
      echo https://$CLOUDFRONT_DOMAIN/$1 | pbcopy

Piece of cake!